About Me

Who Am I?

I’m just a guy who likes to code and play video games while occasionally streaming both.

When it comes to coding, I understand how to use Java, Web JS, Node.JS, PHP, HTML, CSS, and some Kotlin and Rust. I tend to stick with projects involving either the Discord API in order to make bots, or various Minecraft modification APIs such as PMMP, Bukkit, or Forge. I also work on some other small projects like small servers to serve content for games like Garry’s Mod or to implement a lightweight solution to forward traffic to other apps. My current main project is a small IRC client written in Java.

When it comes to gaming, I stick to casual games such as Minecraft, TerraTech, Terraria, VRChat, or Garry’s Mod. I will occasionally stream to Twitch to interact with my friends, or if I just feel like interacting with some new people. I like to run a few servers for a few games I play so I can have full control over what content can be in game through modifications while playing with other people with the same modifications.

Verifying My Identity

I have two publicly available PGP keys uploaded to KeyBase, these are the ones I will typically use in order to prove my identity and the validity of the files I upload.

Click on the buttons below in order to go to a page with the raw public key.

Key One (Github)

Key Two

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